Malala W.A.R. Draft


Bravery is important because if nobody was brave we wouldn’t get anything accomplished. Malala was brave to fight for her right to go to school, when other people were hiding in their houses afraid of the taliban.


If people weren’t brave people would have no education and people would be very dumb. Like when malala said, “in 2008 the taliban bombed 200 schools.” Most people can relate because in america we have the right to go to school and They don’t have to sneak in like malala.  Also they would have no choices in life. if somebody told people something they would have no choice but to believe them because we wouldn’t know any better.


Another reason people need to be brave is because if they weren’t brave they would live in a never changing world. Like when malala said, “but many of my mother’s friends were scandalized when i showed my face on tv.” people in america can relate because in america they have the right to wear whatever we want, and they would not want to lose that right. This would be bad because people would never get any smarter. also they wouldn’t have any career options, and they would not make enough for a living.


These are the reasons why bravery is important to life, because if nobody was brave people would never get anything accomplished. We should be like malala, nothing will stand in her way not even a bullet in the head                                                                                                  

The Best Gift

    The best gift I gave this Christmas was when my baseball team gave presents and played with kids at a homeless shelter. It was the only Christmas they were going to get that year. They were so happy, and  they had a really good time. It made me feel like a very good person, and I had lots of fun too. It made me feel good because I knew that they weren’t going to get anything besides the stuff we got them. It was the most special gift I gave this Christmas.


Super Pup


 “Why are you mad,” howled Super Pup.

 “My dad won’t give me candy,” sobbed Breyden.

 “I’ll help you with that,” chanted Super Pup.

 “How are you going to do that?” whined Breyden.

 “We will fly to the future and get you some candy,” whispered Super Dog.

 “Okay, but my dad will get mad.  Let’s not tell him,” proclaimed Breyden.

 “Was that fun in the future,”laughed Super Dog.

 “Yes, you are the best dog in the world,” yelled Breyden


5th Grade Reflection

I learned a lot of stuff in 5th grade in math, reading, science, social studies, and language arts.I think that moving to sixth grade will be hard. I’m glad I made advanced on all of the STAAR tests. My mom was very proud. I hope I do good in school next year. I’m pretty sure I’m in advanced mathematics because I did very well on the STAAR test. 5th grade was pretty fun the year seemed to have flown by.

My Reflection Google Search Project

I think my group did pretty good. We tried very hard to do good on this assignment. Most of my classmates thought we were pretty prepared. I think we were rated properly most of them said we were fully prepared. I agree that we did very good. I learned what URL stands for it means uniform resource locater.

Patrick Henry

In 1776 Patrick Henry was elected governor of  Virginia

 He was re-elected on December 1st 1784

1st and 6th governor of Virginia

Leader of Virginia

Patrick Henry

A founding father

Led opposition to stamp act

Served as first post colonist in war

Made Give Me Liberty or Give me Death speech